Bird-Friendly Farming

Helping Birds.

Helping Farmers.

Protecting the Earth.

Our Birds

Grassland bird populations in Wisconsin are seeing huge declines. Our Bird-Friendly Farming programs are market-based solutions designed to support our grassland birds.

Our Farms

Farmers are always looking for new ways to make their products more appealing to consumers. Our Bird-Friendly Certification programs will provide an opportunity for farmers to support both our grassland birds and their bottom line.

Our Earth

Birds are a visible yardstick that allows us to measure how healthy and balanced our environment is. If we take good care of our birds, we know we are supporting creatures large and small in our greater environment.

Our Plan

Our Bird-Friendly Certifications establish protocols for farmers to follow that will make a real difference for our birds and be farmer-friendly to encourage more farmers to adopt Bird-Friendly practices.

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